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The scientific approach to reducing risky phishing behaviors

The most data-driven way to reduce phishing and ransomware risk. Run phishing simulations that tell you why and when people click—and do it with minimal friction.

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Phishing risk reduction, down to a science

Run intelligent phishing simulations that reveal what click rates and report rates alone can’t—what’s driving your user risk—and influence better security decisions with frictionless, science-based nudges. Finally, a way to reduce phishing risk without harming culture or productivity.

Advanced insights into social engineering threats

Intelligent and positive consequence management

Susceptibility, activity, and risk insight reporting

Understand phishing risk like never before
Nudge your organization toward risk reduction
Launch campaigns before your morning coffee
Understand phishing risk like never before

Stop fixating on click rates and report rates. Access data and metrics you can rely on for an accurate representation of your organization’s user riskand insight into the thinking and behaviors behind that risk.

Nudge your organization toward risk reduction

Avoid security incidents and promote better security decision-making. Deliver customizable nudges scientifically designed to address the specific behaviors linked to phishing and ransomware risk and help prevent security incidents.

Launch campaigns before your morning coffee

Free up more time for the big things. Choose from a library of fully customizable phishing templates, designed to reflect the emotional triggers, influence techniques, and trends that reflect the real-world threat landscape, and help prepare your people for phishing attacks.


Reduction in high-risk

phishing behavior


Reduction in specific

phishing-related behaviors


Reduction in phishing clicks

after receiving a nudge


The scientific approach to phishing risks

PHISH is the anti-phishing and anti-ransomware solution that takes a scientific approach beyond click-and-report rates. Unveil the WHY behind user behavior, empowering you to influence better security decisions and cultivate a resilient culture while preserving productivity and fostering a frictionless environment.

Combine PHISH with GUIDE for a comprehensive anti-ransomware strategy, setting personalized behavior goals to tackle all phishing-related risks while preserving productivity and fostering a frictionless environment.

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Phishing simulation library
Customizable phishing templates
Susceptibility, activity, and risk insight reporting
Intelligent and positive consequence management
Advanced insights into social engineering threats

Get more out of PHISH

Enhance the power of CybSafe with bolt-ons. Expand existing capabilities to create a custom CybSafe experience that works for your organization’s needs.

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In-depth data analytics and reporting to give richer insight into their human security posture, user-related risk, and security culture.

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Integrate with various data sources to equip you with the most effective behavior-focused human risk management solution on the market.

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Custom SSO

For bespoke SAML connections or customers with multiple identity providers.

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Premium support

Access to designated security experts for implementation of best practices and risk mitigation.


Reduce your phishing risk with PHISH

Boost your organization’s phishing defences using PHISH. Explore how the versatile applications of PHISH can fortify your cybersecurity, amplify compliance measures, and foster a climate of anticipatory digital watchfulness in your organization.

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Run phishing simulations that illuminate risky behaviors

Strengthen your defenses with customizable simulations that uncover risk vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

Influence Security Behavior PHISH GUIDE and RESPOND

Influence 100+ specific security behaviors

Uncover behavior insights to drive change, and reinforce positive security habits.

Assess security culture GUIDE, PHISH, and RESPOND

Evaluate security culture & inspire behavior change

Identify opportunities to cultivate a resilient security culture and positively influence behaviors.

Deliver multi channel assistance with GUIDE, PHISH and RESPOND

Deliver multi-channel digital assistance

Reach your remote, hybrid, and mobile workforces where they are with the information they need to stay secure.


Not what you are looking for? 

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The scientific way to provide personalized guidance, nudges, and training. 

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Measure security behaviors, and automate actions that reduce risk.



Don’t take our word for it. Hear it from our customers.

What’s the unifying factor? All these organizations have seen a reduction in security incidents related to human error.

Understand why 92% of Credit Suisse Employees feel more responsible with CybSafe.

Caroline Bansraj

Chief Security Office


Uncover how Condeco cut susceptible clicks by over 50% with CybSafe.

Graham Cole

Information Security and Data Protection Officer


Learn how the John Whitgift Foundations accomplished 75% improvement rate in Dark Web.

Susie Webb

Estates & Facilities Administrator


Discover how Genius Sports Group, a global leader in sports analysis achieved 95% course completion rate in 8 weeks.

Andy Gammon

IT Director


Reduce phishing risks with a science-based approach

Explore our curated collection of resources and enhance your cybersecurity knowledge.

ebook product page PHISH

A new approach to simulated phishing

Reduce human cyber risk by identifying insecure security behaviors. Help your staff to identify the triggers and techniques used by phishers.


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Security awareness predictions

Industry experts reveal their cyber security predictions for 2023. Essential reading for CISOs, CIOs, IT professionals, cyber security teams and analysts.


toolkit product page PHISH

Ransomware toolkit

Protect your data, your staff and your IP from ransomware attacks with our free tools for identifying and blocking these sophisticated cyber intrusions.


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Ultimate guide to simulated phishing

Run simulated phishing campaigns that reveal what click rates and report rates can’t – what’s driving user risk.


Experience PHISH today

Step into the future of security with PHISH. Schedule a demo or reach out to our team to begin your journey towards a more secure, compliant, and risk-resilient organization.