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Meet your security awareness training and compliance requirements

Stay ahead of evolving compliance standards, and fortify your human layer security.


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Save time & money

And deliver greater levels of engagement through personalized and focused cybersecurity awareness training

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Increase knowledge quickly 84% of users pass knowledge tests first time, 97% at the second.


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Influence long-term security behaviors with comprehensive data, metrics, and insights rooted in behavioral science.

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Continue promoting good security behaviors with nudges, alerts, and guidance delivered to your people via multiple platforms.

Exceed compliance requirements

Most compliance frameworks are designed to help your organization pass security audits. And they rarely go beyond that. The result? A false sense of security, and countless blind spots.

CybSafe’s solution brings compliance and cybersecurity together—so your organization can finally prioritize regulatory compliance, without compromising on security. 

Surpass your compliance requirements with:

    Internationally accredited security awareness and  training that meets most compliance standards—including in the US and the UK.

    Customizable behavior goal-setting and behavior action plans so you can establish behavior priorities for your entire organization, different user groups, and for individuals.

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    Make changes that change behavior

    Traditional security awareness and training doesn’t influence security behaviors. At least not in the long-term. And if you’re not influencing behaviors, you’re not reducing your human cyber risk. 

    CybSafe’s threat-based approach influences the security behaviors linked to your information security risks. It’s powered by the world’s most comprehensive security behaviors database, SebDB, and supported by the largest in-house Science & Research team in the industry.

    Identify, target, and influence long-term security behaviors with:

      Bite-sized, behavior-focused learning modules and role-specific training that targets the specific security behaviors linked to your organization’s risks.

      Behavior tracking and behavior-focused reporting for the data, metrics, and behavior insights you need to make better security decisions.

      Provide real-time support for real-world risks

      Cyber security awareness training isn’t enough to secure your organization. It never has been. And people make critical security decisions every day. So, how does your organization make sure they’re the right ones?

      With CybSafe, you can encourage good security decisions with nudges, alerts, and on demand support your people can access anywhere, anytime.

      Help people make better security decisions with:

        Smart nudges and alerts you can send to the individuals or user groups that need them—based on their behavior score, risk score, last login, or email.

        On demand help tailored to your organization, and nudges delivered to people via the CybSafe app, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

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        Meet industry and government compliance mandates

        CybSafe offers security awareness content, role-specific or persona-based cyber security support, and data-driven human risk reporting to help you meet global information security compliance requirements.

          GDPR (Europe)

          NIS Directive (UK)

          FCA (UK)

          Cyber Essentials (UK)

          Cyber Essentials Plus (UK)

          ISO27001 (International)

          FFIEC (US)

          NYDFS (US)

          FISMA (US)

          CCPA (US)

          HKMA (Hong Kong)

          MAS (Singapore)

          NIST (US)

          POPIA (South Africa)

          Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated

          And it can be done whilst reducing your human cyber risk.

          Our Products 

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          Don’t just educate your users, give them nudges and personalized help to make better security decisions 

          GUIDE security awareness training solution by CybSafe
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          Go beyond click and report rates to counter social engineering and illuminate phishing risk
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          Quantify your human cyber risk—and orchestrate a response


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          Security Awareness Training FAQs

          More solutions


          Influence over 70 specific security behaviors.

          Visualize risk and track progress with data and metrics and interventions you can’t get anywhere else.


          Assess security culture and promote positive behavior.

          Understand and measure the factors that help you create a positive security culture.


          Nudge & support people across multiple platforms.

          Give people the push they need to act and provide real-time, frictionless help when they need it most.


          Run phishing simulations that tell you what drives behaviors.

          Find out why people click on, engage with, and report phishing emails—or why they don’t.

          Get more insight

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          Meaningful metrics for human cyber risk


          Traditional security awareness training is a relic of the past. Learn how you can quantify human cyber risk and change security behaviors.


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          Security awareness is dead (or dying)

          Traditional security awareness training has been the industry standard for longer than it should have been. It’s time for a change.


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          Hybrid working is not an excuse for more crap e-learning

          Hybrid working is here to stay. The “new normal” doesn’t phase us anymore! But the way we address human cyber risk still needs to catch up. Throwing more crap e-learning and phishing simulations at people isn’t the answer. No, really, it doesn’t work.