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Hybrid working
is not an excuse
for more crap

Reducing risk in a modern, hybrid work environment

Hybrid working ebook cover

Hybrid working is here to stay. The “new normal” doesn’t phase us anymore! But the way we address human cyber risk still needs to catch up.

Throwing more crap e-learning and phishing simulations at people isn’t the answer. 

No, really, it doesn’t work.

Anyone can tick a box and complete an exercise. Or answer a question correctly. But if they don’t act on what they learn, well, what’s the point?

So what does work? 

The Hybrid working is not an excuse for more crap e-learning eBook has everything you need to build awareness, influence behaviour, and improve security culture in a hybrid working world.

Crucially, it’ll show you how to measure this behaviour change continuously – for lasting change.

This eBook covers: 

Understanding the hybrid working world, and the risks it brings
Adapting your approach to engage people in a “borderless security” mindset
Building awareness, influencing behaviour and creating a strong security culture
Making change happen, for real

Download the eBook now for insight you can’t get anywhere else.

Ebook: Ransomware is real

Ebook: Ransomware is real

What you – and your people – do need to understand about ransomware (and any malware!) is how to spot it, and stop it. And importantly, not to be afraid of it. If you are ready to ditch the fear and find an approach that works, this Ransomware is boring eBook is what you need! Download today.

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