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This is

The SebDB community

What is the SebDB Community? ⚡️ 

The SebDB Community is a group that draws from and builds on the world’s most comprehensive security behavior database – SebDB. 

Mission statement 🚀

To gather all security behaviour aficionados in one place. If reducing cyber risk and supporting people is the game, measuring security behaviours is its name, and we want the best players involved.

What’s our core aim? 📍

Concept building and recognition of course! We want everyone in this industry to understand the value that SebDB offers, how to use it, and ultimately, kickstart you on your way to reducing human cyber risk. 

Joining the SebDB community 🤝

Every member of this community is independently verified by a member of the SebDB Community team. This ensures we keep the group both as secure but as welcoming as possible.

Join the community

As a member of the SebDB community,

you will have access to:


Industry specific knowledge sharing forums


Invites to community events and socials


A central place to advertise for jobs and potentially find your next opportunity


Industry networking


Opportunities to speak at events and webinars


Contribution to the Security Behavior Database and it’s surrounding research

As a customer in this community,

you will have additional access to:

Bespoke sessions with our Science and Research team to understand security behaviors in much more depth

Advice on program best practice

Early release access to white-papers, studies and research

Product deep dive sessions with our product managers and design teams

Opportunity to join our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) or Admin Advisory Board (AAB).

What’s on

sebDB community coming soon

Industry human risk forums


Join one of our industry specific human risk forums to learn more about best practices, emerging threats, and innovative solutions being talked about in your industry. These forums are a space for professionals to share insights and strategies for managing human cyber risk.

Our goal is to provide a platform for open, collaborative dialogue on topics and challenges faced by human cyber risk professionals.

sebDB community coming soon

Connect with SebDB community on LinkedIn

Live linkedIn community

What’s the point in having LinkedIn if you can’t shout about the things you’re a part of?

sebDB community coming soon

Join SebDB Slack

It’s finally here!

We want to make it easier for you to share your insights, knowledge and tips on SebDB and how you’re using it. Join industry peers in collaborating on the worlds most comprehensive security behaviour database.