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What’s new at CybSafe

PeepSec 2020 security summit with tech and security professionals

From 8th-12th of June 2020, PeepSec is back! Here’s what to expect…

From 8th-12th June 2020, the official London Tech Week event PeepSec is back! You can register to attend for free here. And there’s good reason to. In 2020, PeepSec is perhaps more relevant than it’s ever been before…

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Six security essentials for those working from home

The COVID-19 outbreak is promoting remote working. Here’s how to minimise cyber risk when working from home.

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CybSafe named a leader in The Forrester Wave™

CybSafe named a leader in Security Awareness and Training Solutions Report based on its scores in both “Current Offering” and “Strategy” categories.

Announcing the return of a world-first tech event!

The only 100% free, 100% online summit focused on exploring the relationship between people and technology.

Cyber risks will not be solved by technology; the human aspect of security makes the difference

Add CybSafe to improve cyber security behaviours and attitudes, and get the data you need to measure and report on impact.

Raise Awareness & Improve Behaviours

Educate people with bite-sized awareness training and just-in-time behavioural nudges for users.

Simulate Attacks

Get insights into areas of vulnerability using intelligent attack simulations across various attack types.

Add Metrics for Better Cyber Risk Decisions

Use data rich reports about Awareness, Behaviour & Culture to make better security decisions.

Support your People

Go beyond basic training with on-demand cyber assistance features for users & admins.

Measure Culture & Change Attitudes

Drive improvements in security behaviour and attitude with security culture analysis & insight tools.

Grow With Others Like You

Access the latest advice, help and ideas from the CybSafe community of security professionals.

The statistics about people-related cyber risk make it look like it’s people who are the problem

The reality? You cannot expect to solve the risk problem with training alone.

Attack types such as hacking, malware and physical access are in decline. But social engineering attacks and human error have jumped significantly 23%

Traditional infrastructure attacks are in decline. But attacks targeting users and developers have increased by up to 20%

CybSafe is perfect for Enterprises and SMEs

Improving your security awareness programme has never been so straightforward.

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