The world’s first truly intelligent security awareness platform

CybSafe is an award-winning cyber security and data analytics software platform that intelligently helps businesses to improve their cyber security behaviour, and reduce human cyber risk. 

This is the end of tick-box security awareness training.


What is CybSafe and Why?

Awareness. Behaviour. Culture.

What if, by using intelligent software and with very little effort on your part, you could be sure that all the people in your organisation had all the information they needed to stay safe online and protect your data?

Crucially, what if you could be sure it was being provided to them in a way that they were each most likely to understand it, remember it and positively change their behaviour?

And, what if you were provided with reliable, rich and easy-to-access data and metrics that made it easy for you to measure and understand the impact of your cyber security and data protection activity on not just awareness, but also behaviour and culture?

Then what if, you could easily visualise the associated risk reduction, making it easy to satisfy your Board, meet your legislative and compliance obligations, see your return on investment and demonstrate to third parties that you take cyber risk and data protection seriously?

Well, you can do all of this with CybSafe.


Learn how CybSafe redefines cyber security awareness:

Security Awareness Training

CybSafe is an essential part of contemporary security awareness campaigns driving real and lasting cultural change. It goes beyond ‘tick-box’ cyber security awareness training and engages people to address human cyber risk.

Intelligent Phishing Simulation

Reduce phishing risks with interactive content and intelligent simulated attacks grounded in psychology and behaviour change theory. CybSafe’s unique approach to countering phishing helps you see and improve how your people respond to phishing attacks. It doesn’t just show you the level of suboptimal behaviour, but why it exists and what you need to address.

Risk Reduction Data & Metrics

CybSafe is a data-driven analytical tool. It helps you understand, measure and reduce human cyber risk, making it easier to report risk to the board or other decision makers.


Regulators and governments stipulate that organisations in certain industries must take steps to reduce cyber risk. CybSafe demonstrably reduces human cyber risk and makes people your ultimate defence.


Criminals have more to gain from – and more points of entry into – organisations where reputation is everything. CybSafe demonstrably reduces your cyber risk and can reduce supply chain cyber risk, too.


Award-winning, GCHQ and IISP accredited, CybSafe can help in the aftermath of a cyber event. CybSafe is a globally-recognised signal of advanced cyber defences.


As well as enhancing the security of some of the world’s largest financial institutions, CybSafe has been selected by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to help explore the human aspect of cyber security, and cyber security culture in firms within the financial services sector.


CybSafe has partnered with The Law Society. Our platform’s content and innovations help keep data secure in one of the world’s most targeted and most sensitive sectors.

Energy & Utilities

CybSafe helps secure organisations that contribute to critical infrastructure. As well as continuously monitoring and reducing cyber risk, it demonstrates to regulators a commitment to take all appropriate steps to keep your network, systems and data secure.

Life Sciences

CybSafe ensures people know of and take appropriate precautions online, enabling – rather than prohibiting – digital innovation in the life sciences sector.


Studies continually show cyber criminals target the healthcare sector more so than any other. In a world where systems can be disjointed and security is critical, CybSafe makes people your ultimate cyber defence.


By addressing the human aspect of cyber security, CybSafe can help governments identify, isolate and counter cyber attacks from  malicious actors. Anything less is leaving too much to chance.



Social Engineering

Cyber criminals are increasingly choosing social engineering as their attack of choice as they look to exploit human traits. CybSafe explains who, what and when to trust across a broad range of social engineering topics – it’s not just about Phishing.

Risk Reporting

Intelligent reporting metrics, risk indicators and analytics. CybSafe makes it easy for Boards, managers and seniors leaders to understand risk and determine what they need to do to address that risk.

Accredited Training

Content quality is assured through GCHQ and IISP accreditation. Each user receives a CybSafe Certificate in Cyber Awareness (CCSA) upon completing the training. CybSafe also attracts CPD credits.

Digital Well-Being

Keeping users safe online in all aspects of their lives helps strengthen and deepen our corporate defences. The people investment can’t be underestimated, plus it’s just plain good for society.

GDPR Awareness Training

GDPR and general data privacy and protection continues to be a topic at the forefront of minds, and one which is often misunderstood. CybSafe helps demystify this.

Behaviour Change

CybSafe is developed and constantly updated in collaboration with leading psychologists and behavioural scientists. It goes beyond awareness to understand how people behave online and why, to deliver lasting behaviour change and reduce cyber risk.

Ambassadors & Digital Champions

The CybSafe platform is about more than just providing learning content. It enables administrators and Ambassadors to connect, share and communicate making it the perfect platform to support cyber Ambassador Programs and Digital Champions initiatives.

User Engagement

Poor user engagement rates are the bain of awareness programs. Invest in your people with personalised content that adapts to the user by presenting the right information, at the right time, in the right way. Provide a collaborative platform through which you can engage staff – generating an interest in, and a sense of personal responsibility for cyber security.

Attack Simulation

Simulations are a valuable learning tool to reinforce knowledge transfer and provide useful context. It’s not always about catching the user out! Phishing, Smishing (SMS Phishing), USB stick drops and more can be useful aids.

Data and science-based risk mitigation

Metrics, risk indicators and awareness techniques developed in line with scientifically-proven principles and quantifiable results.



Brilliantly Simple

Developed by Experts

Advanced Reporting

AI-Machine Learning


Modular Content

About CybSafe

CybSafe is a British cyber security technology company based at Level39 in Canary Wharf, London.

We provide cloud-based SaaS platform that puts and end to ‘tick-box’ awareness training and helps organisations address human cyber risk more effectively. Our software reduces the cost, complexity and resource burden of administering a modern cyber security, data protection and privacy awareness program.

Our innovative technology fuses psychology and behavioural science with artificial intelligence and data science helping transform cyber security and data protection awareness, behaviour and culture.

Everything we do is underpinned by psychology and behaviour change theory. The CybSafe platform is mapped against well-documented academic frameworks and models for assurance and effectiveness.

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