People are not the weakest link

CybSafe is software that goes beyond cyber security training to change behaviour and reduce human-cyber risk.

Thousands use CybSafe to prevent security incidents:
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Better security awareness. Made simple. 

Improve knowledge, security awareness and behaviours with accredited learning and much more. All on desktop and mobile, launched in minutes.

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Measure knowledge, confidence and risk perception from day one.


Personalise awareness training, security advice and threat updates.


Get metrics and insights on what’s working and what’s not.

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Human risk data, metrics and reporting you can’t get anywhere else.

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Understand people & risk

See how people’s thoughts and actions affect risk and security culture.


Make better decisions

Metrics and data show the effectiveness of security controls and awareness activities.


Prove risk reduction, compliance & ROI

Show the board and regulators you’re reducing risk cost effectively.

Start immediately with: SSO via Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Azure and others;  SCIM provisioning; and out-of-the-box awareness training and phishing.


Try it yourself or see it in action

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