Case Studies

Case Study: Healthcare

In 2015, the healthcare sector experienced more cyber security incidents than any other industry. Over 100 million healthcare records were reportedly compromised in a period commentators have since labeled “the year of the healthcare breach”.

Case Study: Legal Services

In the last financial year, attacks on UK law firms increased by 20%. This explains why, on joining his current legal practice, Information Security Analyst Vihaan Amin was tasked with decreasing breaches and improving his new employer’s resilience.

Case Study: Manufacturing

Initially, Greenwood was searching for a cost-effective solution that would introduce his people to the advancing threats posed by cyber criminals. After consideration, he decided CybSafe fit the bill.

Case Study: Financial Services

The financial sector has long been a target for cyber criminals. Which is precisely why Adam Davies, Chief Information Security Officer of a renowned UK high street bank, is constantly looking for new ways to keep customer data secure.