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Financial Services

Industry challenges

Financial services companies are a target rich environment. They have masses of customer data, access to money and payment information. Successful attackers are very likely to get their hands on something valuable. Not to mention the damage to your reputation in the event of a breach.

There will be more and a wider range of attacks against financial services this year. So the human aspect has never been a more vital part of your cyber security strategy.


CybSafe helps financial services organisations protect their customer data and their reputation. We give security teams a suite of tools to manage human cyber risk better.

CybSafe is just another level. It gives us really robust metrics that help us measure where our people are. It shows their behaviours as well as their attitudes.

Caroline Bansraj

Global Cyber Security Education & Awareness, Credit Suisse

Like all regulated companies, we were following what was traditionally accepted as enough to keep safe, but what we call ‘best practice’ isn’t enough. We need our people to feel cyber secure working for our organisation and be responsible for our customers, the community we serve, our colleagues and our company itself too.

Simon Legg

Chief Information Security Officer, Hastings Group

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