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Build a positive security culture

See your security culture for what it really is, and how to make it more secure.


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Develop a stronger people-centric security culture

Behavior insights, culture assessments, and sentiment analysis.

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Measure people-centric security culture
with surveys that reveal how people think, feel, and approach security.


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Influence long-term security behaviors
with the help of behavioral science-based data, metrics, and insights.

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Prove culture change and risk reduction
with analytics that demonstrate changes in security behaviors and risk levels.

Understand your security culture

Security culture isn’t just about what people do. It’s about why they do it. Uncovering the beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions that drive security behaviors and shape culture is an important step towards risk reduction.

CybSafe reliably and consistently measures your organization’s security culture with tools developed by the industry’s largest in-house Science & Research team.

Shine a light on your organization’s security culture with:

    A culture assessment tool built to measure people-centric security culture—with surveys delivered via the CybSafe app, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

    Sentiment analysis insights and action plans that tell you how people really feel about your organization’s security culture, and shows you where your vulnerabilities lie.
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    Get people to take (the right) action

    Other solutions purport to improve security culture. But they don’t influence long-term security behaviors. To put it bluntly, you can’t have one without the other.

    CybSafe makes human risk reduction attainable with a data-driven approach validated by behavioral science, equipping you to identify and target the specific security behaviors linked to your organization’s risks.

    Reduce your human cyber risk with:

      Behavior-focused reporting for advanced data and metrics to inform your security decisions and interventions.
      An organizational security behavior overview to help you keep track of security behaviors, and keep an eye on your human cyber risk.

      Put security goals into perspective

      When it comes to determining the efficacy of your security awareness and training, security culture is an essential consideration.

      With CybSafe, you can gather the evidence you need to prove changes in your organization’s security culture and risk levels, effortlessly.

      Get an accurate picture of your security culture with:

        A data analytics engine for risk and behavior scores based on eight key dimensions scientifically proven to predict human cyber risk and behavior.

        Culture-driven calculation modifiers that optimize behavior and risk scoring for your organization based on your culture metrics.

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        Measure and develop a people-centric cybersecurity culture

        Put both your people, and your organization, first.

        Our Products 

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        Don’t just educate your users, give them nudges and personalized help to make better security decisions 

        GUIDE security awareness training solution by CybSafe
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        Go beyond click and report rates to counter social engineering and illuminate phishing risk
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        Quantify your human cyber risk—and orchestrate a response.


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        More solutions


        Achieve compliance, improve security awareness, & increase engagement.

        A scientific way to meet your security awareness training & compliance requirement and reduce human risk.


        Influence over 70 specific security behaviors.

        Visualize risk and track progress with data and metrics and interventions you can’t get anywhere else.


        Nudge & support people across multiple platforms.

        Give people the push they need to act and provide real-time, frictionless help when they need it most.


        Run phishing simulations that tell you what drives behaviors.

        Find out why people click on, engage with, and report phishing emails—or why they don’t.