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Reduce human

cyber risk

Security awareness training, simulated phishing, and human risk management solutions to reduce security risks involving people.

CybSafe The Human Risk Management Platform


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Personalized security awareness training & support

GUIDE delivers personalized security awareness training & support to users, resulting in increased user engagement, program visibility, & senior stakeholder buy-in.

GUIDE security awareness training solution by CybSafe

Training content linked to risk-outcomes

Nudges & Alerts underpinned by SebDB

Training content accredited and available in multiple languages


executive engagement and senior

stakeholder buy-in


user engagement

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Reduce phishing

& ransomware risk

PHISH delivers scientifically-designed simulations and data insights that tell you what drives phishing-related behavior. This results in higher reporting rates (for phishing and other security incidents), and reduced susceptibility to social engineering attacks.

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Susceptibility insights show why people click, and when they are likely to click again

Campaign management, user/manger follow-up, and reporting is fully automated

99.93% simulation delivery success


reduction in susceptibility to social

engineering attacks


user engagement increase in users

reporting social engineering attacks

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Security awareness automations & data integrations

RESPOND reduces the burden on your security team. Data integrations measure the risk caused by user security behaviors. And workflows automate interventions, manual security awareness tasks, and risk controls.

This is human risk management.

RESPOND security automation solution by CybSafe

Integrate third-party data sources for comprehensive risk insight

Automate security awareness tasks with customizable, event-based workflows

Adjusts user risk controls based on real-time data and interactions


reduction in susceptibility to social

engineering attacks


less time for users to get personalized

security support

BOLT-ONS: Power up your defences

Create a custom experience for your organization. BOLT-ONS expand the functionality and capabilities of GUIDE, PHISH and RESPOND.

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Advanced analytics give actionable insights on human risk, security culture, & user security behavior.


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Integrate with various data sources to equip you with the most effective behavior-focused human risk management solution on the market.

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Custom SSO

For bespoke SAML connections or customers with multiple identity providers.

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Premium support

Access to designated security experts for implementation of best practices and risk mitigation.

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Module builder

Create your own modules, or customize existing ones. Modules are included in reporting, and can be downloaded as SCORM files.

Get better. Get CybSafe.