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Security awareness is dead

The threat and operational landscape you face continues to evolve.

Most security awareness and training (SA&T) solutions have no scientific basis. They don’t change people’s security behaviors.

Most organizations don’t measure behavior change, and therefore aren’t actively reducing human cyber risk.

As a result, costly risk outcomes (ransomware, data loss, business email compromise) are more likely to occur.

This needs to change.

Join us to engage and interact with your users in ways you’ve never done before.

Join SebDB

SebDB maps security behaviors to risk-related outcomes.

The world’s most comprehensive cyber security behavior database

SebDB is maintained by a global community of security professionals and academics.

backup data cover hero

How to make data backups a regular part of everyone's day

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A strong backup game can be the difference between success and bankruptcy. And behavioral research holds the key.

unlock behavior blog cover

Achievement unlocked: How behavioral science transforms device security

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People lock their houses, their cars, and even their sheds full of worthless junk. So why don’t they lock their devices?


Why people are so attached to their dirty password habits

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A password manager has so many security benefits, but most people shun them. Why isn’t using such a useful security tool the norm?

RIP security awareness training

Survey says: RIP traditional security awareness and training

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Today's security training needs to look beyond people's behavior. And our new report helps you to do just that

piece of cake

Stealing your company's data is a piece of cake

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VPNs are hardworking guardians of private data. Why are they still a mystery to so many people?

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Enabling auto-updates is more complicated than you think

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It’s as simple as it is effective, and it could save your organization millions. So, why won’t everyone on the team enable auto-updates?

Blog 5 by Oz cover

How to influence long term security behaviors

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People change their behaviors all the time. But that change is usually short-lived. Learn how to influence lasting behavior change in your organization.

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It's time to stop exposing yourself online

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Opportunists and criminals are constantly on the lookout for your social media footprint. Here’s why, and what you can do to protect yourself and your organization.

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How to get phishing simulations right

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When done wrong, phishing simulations can do more harm than good. So, how can you guarantee a win for your organization, and what can we learn from those who didn’t get it right?

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Spotlight: Have you got the multi-factor? 

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It’s beautifully simple, but how do you make sure your company is harnessing its potential? And no, traditional security training won’t get you there

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Spotlight: Creating a passphrase ruleset

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How do you encourage the use of passwords that won’t put your business at risk? Spoiler - you won't find the answer in traditional security training.

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Security awareness is dead (or dying).

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Security awareness is dead. Or, at the very least, is dying. Think about it. Your business is on the cutting edge. You are building new technology. But you're still using an approach from 20 years to manage human cyber risk.

Huh. Yea... we NEED to talk!

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Measuring specific behaviors:

Some real life examples
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This webinar, facilitated by CybSafe’s Chief Product Officer, will share the transformational experiences from key partners in leveraging platform features to deliver behavior change.

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Use SebDB to reduce key business risks:

A conversation with Dr Jason Nurse
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SebDB is the world’s most comprehensive database of security behaviors. In this webinar, facilitated by CybSafe’s Director of Science and Research, we’ll review how focusing on specific security behaviors has helped organizations reduce human cyber risk.

Oh behave 2022 cover

Report: Oh behave! The data behind human cyber risk

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CybSafe and the National Cybsersecurity Alliance unite to make sense of how behavior and attitude drive security outcomes

Long read - cover

Long read: How to measure security behavior

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This free eBook unpacks all the ins and outs of measuring human behaviour. From self-reporting to 360 feedback, we've got it covered.

ebook cover

Ebook: Security awareness is dead (or dying)

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Traditional security awareness training is a relic of the past. Learn how you can quantify human cyber risk and change security behaviors.

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