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Measuring Cyber Security Culture

Reading Time: 1 minute This whitepaper reveals how today’s security teams can build a secure culture. Following characteristically thorough research, lead author Dr. John Blythe explains why secure cultures are few and far between and how to build a secure culture in your organisation.

Behaviour Change whitepaper

Reading Time: 1 minute In this whitepaper, we outline the CybSafe approach to applying behavioural science, how it’s embedded in everything we do and how our products drive behaviour change in employees.

People-centric security e-book

Reading Time: 1 minute Is it time to reconsider traditional approaches to cyber security? For a long time now, people have largely been viewed as a cyber security “weakness”, and the viewpoint has shaped the majority of the cyber security strategies we see today. The strategies focus on restrictive measures. They focus single-mindedly on minimising the risks that people pose. Crucially, they do not consider how people can actively prevent cyber attacks, and therefore fail to capitalise on a valuable cyber defence. People-centric security flips the conventional thinking on its head.

Using AI and machine learning to improve cyber defences and reduce human cyber risk

Reading Time: 3 minutes To understand how AI and machine learning can reduce cyber risk, it’s worth considering how a typical taxi journey will look in a few years time.Today, when you jump into a taxi, you’re greeted by a driver who might inquire into your preference of radio station and ask you one or two cursory questions while edging you towards your eventual destination.