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Phishing Training: an intelligent approach

Broadly speaking, most phishing training works in more or less the same way. An automated tool sends simulated phishing and spear phishing simulations to those within your organisation. The simulations fool some, but not others. The tests reveal precisely who has been...

The two most common phishing scams that affect UK businesses

Phishing scams evolve constantly. Don’t they?

On the one hand, yes. Sophisticated cyber criminals are very much aware that, once a phishing scam becomes well known, its potency falls. So, over time, phishing scams adapt and evolve.

On the other hand, the the nuts and bolts of phishing scams are surprisingly static. On the whole, phishing attacks are quick, cheap and disastrously effective. Knowing this, criminals rarely tweak the inner workings of their phishing scams all that much.

How can phishing affect a business?

The consequences of phishing can be severe…

It’s widely reported, for example, that tech giants including Facebook and Google sent as much as $100m directly to criminals following a spear phishing campaign that went on for more than two years.

Why Phishing Training Is Important

In 2017, an email prankster targeted the White House.

The prankster’s goal was simple: to trick White House staff into responding to fraudulent emails for nothing more than a cheap thrill. With little to gain from the endeavour, the prankster’s efforts were basic.

The trickster wrote a simple email purporting to be from Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. He sent it off to Tom Bossert (at the time Homeland Security Advisor). And he waited to see if the security advisor would respond.