Raise Awareness & Improve Behaviours

Tick-box awareness training doesn’t work


Why not try something 

proven to be more effective?

Many organisations spend considerable budget on security awareness training. The problem is that they know it isn’t making a difference. It ticks a box, and keeps the auditors off your back.

But this approach doesn’t make sense and misses a bigger opportunity. In every other aspect of cyber security we aim for improvement. That includes measurement and the documentation of what’s working and what isn’t.

So why should the human aspect of security be any different?

Awareness of cyber risks is important. But what you’re trying to influence is a change in behaviour of the people in your organisation. Awareness training in isolation won’t achieve that.

Traditional security awareness training is often hated by users. They see it as disruptive to their day jobs and they consider it something to get out of the way.

They would much rather do their job – the thing they consider to be more important.

CybSafe focuses instead on giving each user a tailored learning experience.

It learns how people learn best. It knows when they are more engaged. And it knows how they respond to different prompts in different situations.

CybSafe uses data like this to adapt to every user and improve security behaviours.

So there’s no need to rely on compliance training any more…

Best of all, the content on the CybSafe platform is both GCHQ and IISP accredited. You can be sure that your people are getting the most up-to-date and relevant support all year round.

By automating individual engagement, you can identify security champions and free up time.

Time you need to get on with supporting the organisation in other ways.

You can now stop paying lip-service to the human side of security.

You now have a tool that gets more efficient and effective over time, providing you data to prove that it works.

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What’s covered?
  • Why traditional security awareness training rarely reduces cyber risk
  • How CybSafe delivers bespoke training to every individual user
  • Why CybSafe revolves around ten modules only
  • What each CybSafe module covers
  • How CybSafe tests and measures inferred understanding of security
  • How CybSafe tests and measures behavioural change
  • How CybSafe tests and measures cultural change
  • How CybSafe continually keeps security front of mind
  • How CybSafe measures and improves individual security engagement
  • Your questions answered