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How to measure behavior

Measuring human behavior shouldn’t have to be hard…

How to measure behaviour eBook

Technology alone isn’t enough to protect your business from modern cyber threats. In cyber security, people are your most important asset!

But people are complex. And the reasons they make security mistakes – like reusing a password or clicking a dodgy email link – are also complex.

As security professionals we often talk about “behaviours’”, but how do we measure them? And how do we get data-driven insights to drive necessary change?

This How to measure behaviour eBook unpacks all the ins and outs of measuring human behaviour. From self-reporting to 360 feedback, we’ve got it covered.

Discover how valuable data leads to meaningful change. Learn how to test and improve. And make security support and measuring behaviour simple!

This eBook covers: 


Six measures of human behavior 


How to use these methods to analyse and benchmark security behavior


The pros and cons of each approach


The best practises when using these tools


The importance of consistent, continuous measurement


How to produce data-driven insights and measure change

Download the eBook now for insight you can’t get anywhere else.

Ebook: Ransomware is real

Ebook: Ransomware is real

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