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is boring

So make sure you never have to deal with it again

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Ransomware is on the rise. But you already know that. Because it’s constantly in the news. While it’s easy to buy into the fearmongering, the truth is that the threat is manageable … with your people’s help.

The first step is understanding the techniques cyber criminals use to get people to engage. Once your people can identify the tools of the trade, it’ll be easier to spot malicious emails and prevent ransomware attacks.

Of course, getting people to learn something is one thing, and getting them to take action is another. But that’s why using a behavioural science-based approach is important.

Ready to get on top of the threat and influence the right behaviours? This eBook is what you need!

This eBook covers:


Why people are susceptible to ransomware


How to use behavioural science to manage threats and influence behaviour


How to develop a security culture in your organisation


The importance of ongoing support and behaviour measurement

Download the eBook now for insight you can’t get anywhere else.

Ransomware is boring

Ransomware is boring

What you - and your people - do need to understand about ransomware (and any malware!) is how to spot it, and stop it. And importantly, not to be afraid of it. If you are ready to ditch the fear and find an approach that works, this Ransomware is boring eBook is what...

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