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Financial services: making the new hybrid working world work

Financial services: making the new hybrid working world work ebook

How can financial services adapt to a different working culture?

The old ways are gone. Post-2020, remote working is commonplace across every industry, including financial services. Organisations have adapted but is it enough?

You see, cyber criminals have adapted. They’re probing vulnerabilities, constantly. Employees may be alert to the danger.  

The Making The New Hybrid Working World Work eBook puts this situation into focus. It follows the line between respecting employee privacy, and adapting to remote working.

Want to strive for happy, engaged employees and maintain a robust wall of cyber security? To ensure the right tools are in place? That’s where this ebook comes in.

We’re going to take you through what’s changed. What the gaps are. And most importantly: how you can address them.

This eBook covers:


Employees want to keep the cybercrime door shut. But they need your help! 


Cybercriminals are evolving too. They’re finding new ways in as more employees move to remote working.


Where are the vulnerabilities for financial services? How are they changing?


Why isn’t training keeping up?


How do you secure and monitor remote working, without your employees feeling watched?


How employees can – with the right tools – be a powerful line of defence.

Threats are real. Threats are evolving. This ebook is a step to addressing them.

Download the eBook now for insight you can’t get anywhere else.

Ebook: Ransomware is real

Ebook: Ransomware is real

What you – and your people – do need to understand about ransomware (and any malware!) is how to spot it, and stop it. And importantly, not to be afraid of it. If you are ready to ditch the fear and find an approach that works, this Ransomware is boring eBook is what you need! Download today.

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