Government & defence

$2.6 million

in costs for a major U.S. city responding to a ransomware attack. It affected almost all their public services.

Industry challenges

The size of a government’s digital estate is enormous. They sometimes support tens of thousands of employees spread across the globe.

That puts them on par with even the biggest private-sector companies.

Add to that lots of connected devices, and the attack surface against any government is huge.

If it’s an intern’s mobile device or the U.S. President’s ‘nuclear football’.

They all need people to use them securely.

One poor security decision from one person could be the only thing attackers need to cause chaos.

And that could lead to untold damage on a local, national, or even international scale.

CybSafe helps government and defence organisations actively manage human cyber risk.

It’s a set of tools focused on supporting and helping people be safer online. Whether that’s at home or in the workplace.

And it provides operational security teams a single view of where they are carrying risk.