Engineering & construction

$40 million

 lost by a Norwegian engineering company in the week that followed a cyber attack.

Industry challenges

If you’re building a nuclear power plant or building a house, you need to share information. Usually, there’s a huge network of suppliers and construction companies. And nowadays they share that information electronically.

This extensive supply chain creates many entry points for cyber attackers to exploit. All it takes is one company with weak cyber security to put the whole supply chain, and the project, at risk.

Ransomware may offer the quickest way to make a profit for attackers. Some may focus on securing IP or other important internal information. When reputation and reliability are key, strong defences have never been so important. And the people in the supply chain are no exception.

CybSafe helps you see the risk they are carrying across your people and what you can do to reduce it.

It provides mobile and remote workers access to lots of tools to help them identify cyber risks.

It also helps them to embed good security behaviours wherever they need them.