Critical national infrastructure

2 in 3

security professionals think a cyber attack affecting critical national infrastructure will hit the UK this year.

Industry challenges

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)’s reach covers lots of different industries. Transport, telecommunications, public health, finance, security, and almost every other industry.

What makes CNI a unique cyber security challenge is that it’s large scale.

And when it goes wrong it affects millions.

Even disrupting something as simple as traffic light systems can cause chaos.

The growth of IoT means mass produced and unsecured devices now form part of a large attack surface.

If you operate nationwide and contribute to society running smoothly, security is key.

You need to secure your operation as part of CNI, and your people are an important part of that process.

CybSafe helps CNI companies run large scale cyber security programmes. This includes Awareness, Behaviour & Culture.

It helps people become active parts to the cyber resilience efforts.

And it helps you measure and track the effect of other cyber security efforts on your risk profile.

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