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People need more than awareness training to behave securely. Give it to them.

From NCSC-certified awareness training to on-demand cyber security advice. A ready-made package to improve security awareness in your organisation.

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Features included:

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NCSC and CIISec Accredited Training

Role and industry-specific training helps people recognise and prevent security incidents.
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On demand access to security help, advice and guidance.


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Awareness Toolkit

A library of resources developed by our behavioural science team to supercharge your awareness programme.

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Personalised security news and updates through a dedicated newsfeed.

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Metrics, data, insights and reports for security awareness activity.

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A mobile application to access all Awareness Hub features on the go.

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How Awareness Hub works

Establish existing knowledge, confidence and risk perception levels.

Everyone answers a few questions when they first log in. By understanding someone’s basic knowledge of security, their perception of different risks and how confident they are, CybSafe can tailor itself to each person.

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Personalised awareness training, security advice and threat updates.

Data-driven personalisation means that each person receives the content they need. CybSafe zeroes in on what will be most beneficial to each person over time. No two people need have the same experience.

Get metrics and insights on what’s working and what’s not.

Understand the effectiveness of security awareness activity. When people learn best, how well knowledge is retained, changes in confidence and more.

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Comprehensive security awareness

NCSC & CIISec certified content
On-demand security support, help & guidance
Role and industry-specific threat updates

Easy to deploy, easy to use

Enterprise grade SSO & User Provisioning integrations included
Clear, concise dashboards and metrics
Available on desktop and mobile

Effortless for administrators

Library of offline awareness resources
Expert insights on awareness
Dedicated remote working tools

What’s next?

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