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The world’s first globally accessible archive of research into the human aspect of cybersecurity and behavioral science as applied to cybersecurity awareness and online behavioral change.

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Implementation of machine learning and data mining to improve cyber security and limit vulnerabilities to cyber attacks

One of the significant challenges in the realm of cyber attack detection is the scarcity of training data, which remains a formidable obstacle. Despite the utilization of established network monitoring tools like Wireshark, a vast number of individuals are still at risk due to the absence of information regarding website behaviors and features that can...

The human factor in cybercrime and cybersecurity

A Research Agenda publication aiming to stimulate research on the human factor in cyber crime and cyber security. This book offers examples of unanswered research questions and methods and datasets that could be used for future studies.  

ABC of behaviour change theories

83 theories of behaviour change that could be used to design behaviour change interventions are discussed in detail.

Switch: How to change things when change is hard

According to this book's authors, we need only understand how our minds work to unlock shortcuts that can lead to long term behavour change. This book explores how our minds work and some shortcuts that might be of use when seeking to change human behaviour.  

Managing the unexpected

What makes some organisations more reliable than others? The authors of Managing the Unexpected believe the answer lies in the differences in behaviours and learning styles of highly reliable organisations and organisations that are relatively unreliable. This book delves into the specific behaviours and processes that help make orgnisations reliable and responsive to unanticipated threats...