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What is it?

CybSafe Nudge-IQ is a behavioural intervention engine that supports people by providing timely reminders, alerts, notifications and guidance.

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Uses applied machine learning to personalise interventions to every individual

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Sits across all personal engagement aspects of the CybSafe platform

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Contextually relevant notifications

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Uses data from across the CybSafe platform to become more efficient and effective in achieving its goal

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Why is it needed?

Awareness of cyber risks is important.

But ultimately, it is a change in behaviour of the people in your organisation that is paramount. 

Awareness training in isolation won’t achieve this.

CybSafe Nudge-IQ knows when someone is more engaged, and it knows how they respond to different prompts in different behavioural situations.

Nudge-IQ uses data like this to adapt to every person and improve security behaviours.

By automating individual engagement, you can identify security champions and free up time.

How does it work?

CybSafe Nudge-IQ is the core of how our intelligent behaviour interventions are delivered.

It works by using applied machine learning to the process of showing someone information.

The right information, at the right time and in the right way to achieve the desired effect.

It factors in things like engagement, confidence, knowledge, attitude and behaviour.

Nudge-IQ is an engine that gets more efficient and effective over time. It provides you the data to prove that it’s working and changing people’s behaviour.

We are CybSafe. A British cyber security and data analytics company. We make it easy to manage human cyber risk.

Our software gets people engaged in security. It empowers them to make the best everyday-security decisions possible. We use behavioural science, data and reporting metrics to help security professionals do their jobs better. And see their impact on people-related cyber risk.

Our customers report improved security habits and fewer people-related security incidents.

Nudge-IQ is part of the Pro package of the Behaviour Change Hub from CybSafe.

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