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Security Awareness Engagement Taxonomy

Human-related security breaches continue

to haunt organizations of all sizes.

Security Nudge Taxonomy

Largely it’s because most security awareness initiatives are mind-numbingly dull, failing to captivate the savvy minds of the modern age.

Ask yourself, how many tactics are you using to drive engagement? If you can count them on one hand, you need to zero in on your security awareness engagement…before it’s too late.

We’re on a mission to reduce user-related security incidents, WHILST keeping our customers compliant. Our audacious scientific pioneers, supported by the SebDB community, have researched and categorized 30+ approaches to boost security awareness engagement.

And we’ve got their comprehensive framework right here, for you, for free.

It’s time you supercharged your security awareness engagement. It’s time to download CybSafe’s security awareness engagement taxonomy.

Who’s it for?

CISOs, CIOs, and data protection officers
Information security officers, managers, and analysts
Security awareness professionals
IT professionals
Anyone struggling to get people engaged with security awareness
Anyone wanting to improve their organization’s security posture
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Download the Security Awareness Engagement Taxonomy now for insight you can’t get anywhere else.

Security Awareness Engagement Toolkit

Security Awareness Engagement Toolkit

Our Security Awareness Engagement Toolkit—revamped for Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2024 (CAM2024)—has everything needed to create a security awareness program to improve people’s security behaviors.

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