Become a CybSafe Partner

Become a CybSafe Partner

What are the CybSafe Referral Partner and CybSafe Reseller Partner Schemes and why do we have them?

At CybSafe we want to help as many organisations as possible to better understand and then reduce their people-related cyber security risk.

Our Partner Schemes are designed to enable us to partner with individuals and organisations who want to do the same.

Our partners want to help their contacts and clients take a more intelligent approach to cyber and information security awareness - and generate an additional revenue stream for themselves in the process.

The reality is that cyber security is a hot topic in a majority of organisations right now. Many are in need of the high-quality support that CybSafe provides. This scheme provides our Referral and Reseller Partners an opportunity to offer much-needed assistance and complement the other professional support services and products they already supply.

If you would like to know more about the CybSafe Referral Partner or Reseller Partner Schemes please email us at