CybSafe Team

CybSafe Team


Who Are We?

We are a team (a tribe if you will) of professionals who are passionate about making the world better by helping people and businesses be more secure.

We live out our core values and as a result are honest, loyal, dedicated and enthusiatic.  

We believe these characteristics should influence everything we do in business and life.

We love what we do.

Photo of Oz Alashe MBE

Oz Alashe MBE

CEO & Founder

Photo of Sean Lumley

Sean Lumley

COO & Founder

Photo of Janet Williams QPM

Janet Williams QPM

Director & Principal Advisor

Photo of Joe Giddens

Joe Giddens

Content Development Manager

Photo of Fatima Wesson

Fatima Wesson

Marketing Manager

Photo of Jonathan Webster

Jonathan Webster

Lead Software Engineer

Photo of Daniel Hodgkins

Daniel Hodgkins

Software Developer

Photo of Osman Ilyas

Osman Ilyas

Software Developer

Photo of Sam Oliver

Sam Oliver

Product Specialist

Photo of Lindsay Whyte

Lindsay Whyte

Product Specialist

Photo of Ellyse Malcolm

Ellyse Malcolm

Customer Success Representative

Photo of Dannique Blake

Dannique Blake

Office Manager and Administration Assistant

Photo of Veronika Bondareva

Veronika Bondareva

Digital & Web Designer

Photo of Luke Charteris

Luke Charteris

Cyber Research Analyst

Photo of Tom Cross

Tom Cross

Psychology & Behaviour Change Expert

Photo of Chris Bilko

Chris Bilko