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Three approaches to help you stay secure with remote working

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We are CybSafe. A cyber security & data analytics company.


The way we work is changing. Our approach to cyber security needs to change too.


Remote working is here to stay. Even when we reach the day where workplaces open their doors again, things won’t be as they were.

CybSafe will be joining a growing list of organisations operating a ‘work from anywhere’ policy. Whilst this flexibility has many benefits, there is one concern that remains. Remote workers are more likely to be victims of cyber attack.

What can we do to help each-other stay safe whilst working from home? Here are three approaches that can help.


1. People: The first line of defence

Human behaviour remains one of the greatest cyber security risks. This was the case before the pandemic, and the rise of remote working has only amplified the threat.

We’ve all experienced it before. It might be an email from a supposed colleague that appears genuine. It might be using the ‘child’s name 1’ when you’re stuck for ideas. We’re all capable of actions that increase our exposure to cyber risk. It’s natural.

Attackers play on our innate curiosity, our tendency to rush when stressed. To combat this, we need to empower ourselves and our peers, and help them become the first line of defence against cyber threats.


2. New workplace, new methods

Change was coming even before COVID-19. The old methods of security awareness training are outdated and ineffective. E-learning rarely goes beyond a box-ticking exercise and fails to engage people in a meaningful way. 

The move to remote working has accelerated this much needed change. We are now working in a borderless world in every sense. It’s estimated that by 2025 70% of the workforce will be remote. The changes we experienced in 2020 are here to stay. 

What we’re seeing is not just a simple increase in remote working. It is the workplace becoming borderless. The line between the personal and the professional has merged.

This new state requires a new approach. Enter, “Borderless Security Awareness”.

Borderless Security Awareness is a fresh approach to cyber security. It’s a revolution, not an evolution. A new mindset fit for a remote world. As with much of our lives, on-demand has become an expectation, and this should be the case for cyber security. By adopting this approach and raising awareness in new ways, we can meet the challenges of working in a remote world.


3. The right tools for the task

We need to support people on their terms. We need to foster a culture where advice is available at the right time, in the right place. It’s inevitable people will sometimes join an unsecure Wi-Fi network, or click on a suspicious email. We need to encourage a culture where they feel there is always help. This not only deals with issues at source, but helps build a mindset that makes cyber security awareness more natural.

We have some tools at CybSafe to help manage this transition. Our Assist tool provides on-demand advice for whenever an issue arises. There is also Protect, a digital ‘checklist’ that helps set personalised security goals and gives nudges to help them be achieved.

Remote working is here to stay. These tools not only reduce risk, but empower people to become our first line of defence against cyber threats. The way we work is changing, and our approach to cyber security needs to change with it.


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