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Free virtual summit on the people, culture and social aspects of cyber security

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10 May 2018

The world’s first 100% free, 100% virtual summit focused on the people, culture and social aspects of cyber security will take place during London Tech Week 2018

Security professionals can now register for PeepSec, the world’s first 100% free, 100% virtual summit on the people, culture and social aspects of cyber security.

The summit will take place between 11th-15th June 2018, as part of London Tech Week, and an expert list of cyber security professionals will each offer advice on tackling the most pressing issues facing the cyber security industry today.

Confirmed speakers already include Ben Brabyn, Head of Level39, the world’s most connected tech community; Dept Supt Andrew Gould of the National Police Chiefs’ Council; National Security Advisor Janet Williams QPM; and Just Eat Chief Information Security Officer Kevin Fielder.

100% free and 100% virtual

PeepSec is free to attend and 100% virtual, taking place exclusively online over the course of five consecutive days.

The human aspect of cyber security remains an important security topic. By removing physical and geographical boundaries, we aim to share the insights and advice of leading experts with more people, making networks safer both now and in the future.

All who register to attend will receive free downloads of every talk that takes during the summit, as well as a free gift from CybSafe. We’re anticipating more than 1,000 UK cyber security professionals will attend.

Expert speakers

The PeepSec lineup so far includes:

Ben Brabyn, Head of Level39
Det Supt Andrew Gould, National Police Chiefs’ Council
Simon Onyons, FCA
Danielle Kingsbury, cyber psychologist
Janet Williams QPM, national security advisor
Kevin Fielder, Just Eat
John Scott, Bank of England
Dr Emma Williams, University of Bristol
Jon Townsend, National Trust
Simon Shooter, Bird & Bird
Cath Goulding, Nominet
Martin McTague, Federation of Small Businesses
Professor Adam Joinson, University of Bath
Caroline Rivett, KPMG
Dr Ioannis Agrafiotis, University of Oxford
Mark Milton, Amberlight Partners
Michelle Levesley, Inclusion and Security Awareness Training Specialist
Peter Wright, DigitalLawUK
Sandy Gilchrist, Priviness

“Addressing the human aspect”

“We all know the statistics, we all know hackers target people and we all know by exploiting people, criminals have an easy way into our networks,” said CybSafe CEO Oz Alashe. “That’s what makes addressing the human aspect so important. In my eyes, it’s the most important challenge we, as a community, need to overcome.

This isn’t about exclusivity as much as it’s about the security industry coming together to discuss and share insights on an important topic. The summit is free to attend. It’s also online. It doesn’t matter where you are. You can join us, and I’d encourage those with an interest in security to do so.”

To register to attend simply visit And even if you can’t attend, still register here. We’ll send you every presentation for free after PeepSec ends.

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