Cyber security behaviour change and cyber security culture change are both essential to improving your cyber resilience

CybSafe is the world’s first intelligent cyber security awareness, behaviour and culture platform. After revealing reliable cyber security behaviour and cyber security culture metrics, the platform responds to data-driven insights to reduce your human cyber risk.

See how CybSafe elicits demonstrable cyber security behaviour change and cyber security culture change through an online demonstration.

Cyber security behaviour change

It’s widely acknowledged that cyber security behaviour change is essential for bolstering cyber resilience.

CybSafe places a unique focus on data, metrics and insights. The intelligent platform monitors cyber security behaviours in your organisation. And, after making cyber security behaviours visible to security leaders, CybSafe launches appropriate security interventions in response. 

→  After a CybSafe behaviour intervention, 91% of CybSafe users no longer exhibit high-risk phishing behaviour

All CybSafe security interventions leverage insights from behavioral science to elicit cyber security behaviour change – you can even monitor changes in security behaviours via CybSafe’s advanced analytical dashboard.

Cyber security culture change

As well as changing security behaviours, CybSafe’s unique focus on data, metrics and insights facilitates cyber security culture change. The in-built CybSafe Culture Assessment Tool (C-CAT) measures existing organisational culture. C-CAT then generates personalised recommendations for cyber security culture change. 

→  83% of CybSafe users are more likely to see themselves as part of the security solution

As C-CAT recommendations revolve around quantitative metrics, you can watch as your organisation’s culture becomes more secure.

Key features

Behavioural change

CybSafe fuses insights from behavioural science with data science and security expertise to bring about tangible cyber security behaviour change.

AI-machine learning

AI machine learning facilitates automatic security interventions and ensures the right people receive memorable interventions at appropriate times.

Cultural change

The in-built CybSafe Cultural Assessment Tool (C-CAT) tracks reliable metrics of security culture, making cyber security culture change simple.

Advanced reporting

CybSafe’s analytical engine allows security leaders to report on cyber risk – and watch as it demonstrably falls.

GCHQ and IISP Accreditation

CybSafe is both GCHQ and IISP accredited. On completion, users receive a CybSafe Certificate in Cyber Awareness (CCSA).

Developed by experts

CybSafe is developed with input from security experts, psychologists and behavioural scientists.

Does improving security awareness reduce cyber risk?

Historically, security teams have attempted to reduce human cyber risk through improved security awareness.

Raising security awareness, the theory goes, reduces cyber risk. The data, however, suggests otherwise.

Despite increasing investment in traditional security awareness training spending1, today, human error causes more data breaches than any other factor2. Raising security awareness, it seems, doesn’t necessarily trigger the cyber security behaviour change or cyber security culture change required to reduce human cyber risk.

CybSafe focuses on more than security awareness

As well as measuring and improving security awareness, CybSafe measures and advances cyber security behaviours. Similarly, CybSafe measures and facilitates cyber security culture change. With CybSafe, you can watch as your human cyber risk falls.

CybSafe offers a GCHQ and IISP Accredited, data-driven alternative to traditional security awareness training. To see how it works, simply book a demonstration. 


1. Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training

2. Source: Annual UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018



“Cyber-attacks are rising at an unprecedented rate and becoming increasingly sophisticated. As a law firm we take the protection of our own and our clients’ data extremely seriously. Managing our infrastructure in the most efficient and cost effective way possible is vital and CybSafe has played a really important part in our information security strategy. We found it highly relevant and user-friendly. In the on-going war on cyber-attacks, it has made a positive difference to the company and given our people a clear insight into how they can manage the risks we face every day.”

Simon Holdsworth, Managing Partner, Thrings Solicitors

“We are really impressed with CybSafe. It’s easy to use and has really helped improve our understanding of the cyber security threats we face. Most importantly, it has given our team the tools to reduce our cyber risk and the confidence that we always have the latest information and advice. I really do recommend CybSafe to anyone looking to educate their staff and improve cyber security behaviour. Most importantly, it has given our team the tools to reduce our cyber risk and the confidence that we always have the latest information and advice.”

Alex Maile, Managing Director, Lawson Rutter

“CybSafe really is markedly different from the traditional tick-box awareness training packages currently available. As a business that understands the importance of our customer’s data and the absolute need for the ongoing access to their business records we have incorporated CybSafe into our Cyber Risk Management programmes. The individuals in a business are considered the weakest link in the world of Cyber Defence and we find that using CybSafe enables those individuals to become, instead, a constructive first line of defence. The ongoing education and support keeps the importance of security at all levels a prime directive and, at a more basic level, helps keep insurance premiums a genuinely affordable option. Thank you CybSafe.”

Nick Elwell, Managing Director,

“Cyber security is such a hot topic right now but there is so much important stuff to be done – sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. That said, it’s clear that the human aspect of cyber security is critical and CybSafe ensures that we reduce our risk in this area so that we are less likely to have a breach. They’ve taken a truly refreshing approach – one our team found very easy to engage with. We couldn’t recommend CybSafe highly enough.”

Jim Shaw, Partner, Shaw & Co

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What’s covered?
  • What CybSafe is and what the platform looks like
  • CybSafe’s unique security interventions, developed alongside behavioural scientists
  • How CybSafe tests and tracks cyber security behaviour change
  • How CybSafe tests and tracks cyber security culture change
  • How CybSafe measures and improves individual security engagement
  • How CybSafe continually keeps security front of mind
  • How CybSafe tests and tracks cyber security awareness
  • How CybSafe tests and tracks inferred understanding of security
  • How CybSafe delivers bespoke training to every individual user
  • CybSafe’s unique and comprehensive analytical dashboard
  • Your questions answered