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Why I’m delighted with Forrester’s recognition of CybSafe

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We are CybSafe. A cyber security & data analytics company.


Independent Research Firm Forrester has named CybSafe a leader in its Security Awareness and Training Solutions report. According to CybSafe CEO Oz Alashe, it’s a big step towards keeping people and societies safe.

A “leader” in our field

CybSafe has been named a “leader” in our field by the independent research firm Forrester. I’m sure our focus on data science, behavioural science and ABC all helped. Meanwhile, many households are using insecure smart security cameras. At least, that’s what new research shows. It shows attackers can exploit the default settings, letting them secretly observe a home. Or even speak to children through them. I consider Forrester’s recognition an incredible achievement because it’s a huge step towards achieving CybSafe’s mission – a mission that’s remained constant ever since CybSafe’s inception.

CybSafe’s mission remains

At CybSafe, we’re aiming to revolutionise the way organisations mitigate human cyber risk. That’s been our mission since day zero. Even before we began, we felt tick-box security awareness training was letting people down.  Quite simply, the training wasn’t mitigating (and still doesn’t mitigate) human cyber risk. We wanted to change that. There had to be more the security industry could do.

Why I think CybSafe stands out

The CybSafe platform introduced data science to human cyber risk management. CybSafe provides metrics that show impact of behaviour change efforts and measure risk. It runs interventions. Then it measures again.  CybSafe also shifts the focus from security awareness to security awareness, behaviour and culture (ABC). It’s about as far from tick-box security awareness training as you could get – but then we’re aiming for revolution, not evolution.  Thanks to CybSafe’s focus on metrics and measurement, we know it works. We know the approach changes people’s behaviours and attitudes. We know it demonstrably reduces human cyber risk. That’s been independently acclaimed. So, now we know it works, isn’t it about time we moved away from tick-box security awareness training?

The human-technology bond

Society’s march towards increasing digitisation, interconnectedness, and interdependence continues. Today, we ask Alexa to change the music. Emerging technology facilitates “invisible” keyboards. Some people unlock their devices with their skin Today, in the security industry, we need to be mindful of our responsibility. Developers will patch smart security camera bugs. Manufacturers will roll out updates. And then what? If the people “using” the smart security cameras are (understandably) hesitant when it comes to installing updates, they have a device monitoring their home that’s vulnerable to attack.

A step in the right direction

I believe Forrester’s recognition of CybSafe’s approach, technology and team is great. But what’s much more encouraging is that it’s a big step on our journey towards changing how people interact with technology.  It’s another step towards keeping connected people safe. And that’s why I’m delighted with Forrester’s recognition.  CybSafe’s task is still to revolutionise the human aspect of cyber security.  With Forrester’s and your encouragement, we’re looking forward to continuing the task.

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