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Fighting cybercrime: how globally-recognised training can turn the tide

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8 June 2022

The innovative, groundbreaking training from CybSafe has been recognised in the global CyberTech100 list. It’s good news for us, and a nice certificate for the wall.

But it’s good news for you too. It’s recognition of our work in helping financial services fight off cyber criminals. And our commitment to helping organizations – like yours – fight cybercrime.

We do that by going above and beyond traditional security training. 

Security training is, of course, an accepted part of modern day business.

But effective training? Surprisingly less so. And it’s our approach that’s led to us appearing on the list.

In the cybertech sector, that’s a significant problem. Many organizations are sold short. They’re relying on training that’s not changed. It’s not kept up with criminals. It’s not kept up with the changing way people work. An element of doing things the way they’ve always been done.

That can be lethal. One cyberattack can be catastrophic to a business. Those attacks are coming at speed.

The changing face of cybercriminals and remote working is creating a perfect storm. If training hasn’t adapted, it leaves a company vulnerable. Criminals know this. They’re looking to exploit it.

We’re doing something about it. Something that’s now been globally recognised.

Already, we find that 80% of data breaches are down to human error. With more employees remote working, the vulnerabilities of an organization are changing. Training simply has to keep pace.

In some quarters, it’s very much doing so.

The CybSafe approach has effective evolution at its heart. The key factors of the approach? They’re short and sweet.

  • Keep training materials short, to the point, interesting
  • Make them available anywhere, anytime. Don’t put obstacles in the way of people accessing training.
  • Map specific security behaviors to risk-related outcomes
  • Make the training engaging and interesting
  • Make it relevant
  • Make it matter

Training can’t be a tick box exercise, else what’s the benefit? However, when training material is directly mapped against security behavior, a genuine difference can be made. Those human data breaches can be address and prevented.

Human behavior can be changed.

All of this is little use if everything’s out of date. Here then is the other part of the puzzle. The innovation that underpins our work.

The CybSafe training platform is actively measuring – and improving – over 70 security behaviors. Underpinning that work is SebDB, the most comprehensive cyber security behavior database in the world.

This database identifies which behaviors are of increasing cyber risk. To hone in on the relevant threats. And then security behaviors are mapped to risk-related outcomes.

The goal is to measure and improve security behaviors. To alter human behavior. To ultimately reduce risk.

The end user doesn’t see the work that goes in. The huge amount of data the CybSafe platform processes. The deep analytics work going on.

Instead, they get what they need. What their organization needs. A genuine answer. An extra line of defence.

An actual difference.

Don’t believe us? You can seek out the CyberTech100 report here to find out what’s been said about us. Between us, we can turn the tide on cybercriminals.


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