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Personality and digital footprints in cybersecurity

CybSafe and NCC group have recently partnered to address cyber security challenges. In this jointly produced series we will be looking at the role of personality and digital footprints in cyber security from a psychological and technical perspective.

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Research report

Does personality enhance susceptibility to cyber attacks?


Our aim is to understand how these factors might play a role in a person’s susceptibility of becoming a victim of cyber crime. First part of the series focuses on personality traits and the way they could be harnessed in cyber security.


personality research cover
personality research cover

Research report

How digital footprints can make us vulnerable to cyber crime


While the first part looked at the role of personality traits influencing individuals’ vulnerability to cyber crime, the second part focuses on the personal digital footprints we leave behind. Digital footprints provide a rich picture of our personalities and habits and are useful for cyber criminals to exploit.


personality research cover

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Dr. Inka Karppinen, Behavioral Scientist, CybSafe

Isabella Houghton, Research Analyst, CybSafe

Ananya Saha, Research Analyst, CybSafe

Dr. John Blythe, CPsychol, Head of Behavioral Science, CybSafe

Paul Vlissidis, co-founder of NCC Group’s Technical Security Consulting division, Senior Advisor, NCC Group

Matt Lewis, Commercial Research Director, NCC Group