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(Gen)AI and the human aspect of cybersecurity

Gen AI report cybsafe

The buzz around generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is deafening. 

And it’s getting louder by the minute.

Promises of innovation abound. So do questions about reach and implications

As ChatGPT and Dall-E settle in as household names, we’re all wondering: 

  • What’s this technology really about?
  • What could be the implications for digital safety?
  • What are the opportunities for human risk management?

This whitepaper addresses these burning questions, and so much more. 

We’ve put in some serious brain-time and analysis to bring it to you, because if you’re in cybersecurity, you need this intel … yesterday.

And it brings our unique insight as the human risk heavyweights. Because—spoiler— there is so much that links AI and human risk.

This report is for:

Security awareness professionals

CISOs, CIOs, and data protection officers

CTOs, IT Directors, and IT Managers

Information security officers, managers, and analysts

Anyone passionate about staying ahead of the curve and transforming the way security awareness is approached.

This report covers:

How GenAI learns, and how it works

AI’s impact on the human aspect of cybersecurity

Ways to leverage GenAI in human risk management

How criminals use GenAI to strike more often in more places

The pitfalls and ethical considerations for every security professional

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