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The new science

of security nudges

Increase engagement and improve security behaviors, with this revolutionary new approach.

Nudges webinar

What if you could increase security awareness engagement rates, and help people make better security decisions? Would it make your job easier?

We used to memorize routes from paper maps before starting journeys. It often meant we got lost.

Now we use satellite navigation. It tells us exactly when to turn to reach our destination.

These “turns” are security decisions – decisions people take every day whilst at work. The SatNav instructions are nudges.

Nudging people at the right time, in the right way, with the right information means they don’t have to recall or research information every time they’re faced with a security decision.

Nudging also increases engagement by meeting people where they are, communicating with them using the tools they use (Slack, MS Teams, instant messages, & web browsers).

In this webinar we’ll be unveiling CybSafe’s new Nudge taxonomy. This revolutionary new database uses science-based mechanisms to cut through cognitive biases and barriers to security behaviors, so you can get people to do, what you need them to do!

Join the conversation!

You’ll learn…


How to increase engagement with security awareness initiatives


How to create security nudges that cut through cognitive biases and barriers to security behaviors


How to decrease your reliance on email (which is often missed, ignored, or takes too long to send) to communicate important security information

Who’s it for?

CISOs, CIOs, and data protection officers

Information security officers, managers and analysts

Security awareness professionals

IT professionals

Anyone struggling with getting people to engage with security awareness initiatives

Our speakers:

Dr Suzie dobrontei

Suzie is a social psychologist and former university lecturer. She has researched and taught social processes, group dynamics and human factors in cyber security.

She’s also consulted for a multinational oil company on human factors in cyber security.

Suzie is the Product Content Lead at CybSafe, where she is responsible for translating complex topics into concise, enjoyable, and effective content.

When she’s not working Suzie enjoys painting, reading, and spending time with her dog.

Ben Donaldson

Ben is the Community Engagement Manager at CybSafe. He helps people understand cyber security doesn’t need to be daunting, or boring!

Ben previously ran the Global Security Awareness programme at Dyson, working closely with counter fraud and threat intelligence teams. He’ll bring any room to life with anecdotal stories and examples of cybercrime that’ll make you go “Ooosh!”. Ben is also one of the Cyber Enterprise Advisors for the Cheltenham and Gloucestershire GFirst Careers Hub, supporting 43 schools and colleges with careers education and opportunities.

He’s awful at looking after plants, obsessed with pizza, and a keen triathlete.

Previous speaking engagements include the London Stock Exchange, HSBC, Fred Perry, Santander, Swisscard, and Gymshark.

Lisa Kubicki

Lisa Kubicki finally left college after working for universities across the US for more than 20 years and joined the tech industry, serving as an inaugural security training and awareness lead for one organization.

After five years, Lisa has shifted the program to focus on the human risk element and drive a security-first culture among employees through all things awareness, behavior and communications.

Dr Joanna Milward

Dr Joanna Milward is an experienced behavioural science and insights researcher. With a PhD in digital behaviour change interventions, she has a track record of developing high quality products and exploratory and evaluative research.

Jo specialises in user-centred design approaches to developing digital behaviour change products and digital user engagement interventions across cyber security, healthcare, mental health, learning and education sectors.

At CybSafe Jo works directly with product teams to support the embedding of evidence-based practices into platform functionality, as well as consulting on thought leadership and product vision.

Jo previously worked as a behavioural science team leader in a rapid COVID-19 response role for the UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) where she coordinate robust, rapid, intervention development and guidance to both local and national stakeholders on all matters relating to behavioural science within the COVID-19 response.

Laura Bishop, Nudges webinar

​After 17 years managing operations and training teams across multiple industries, Laura has spent the last 7 years studying psychology and more specifically human decision-making in relation to cybersecurity. Now at the very tail end of her PhD and after spending her last year in industry, Laura has returned to Airbus as Human-centric Cybersecurity Researcher within the Airbus Innovation and Scouting Team.

Laura’s knowledge and research extends across a number of topics including human biases that lead to cybersecurity vulnerability, how cybercriminals look to further leverage on these biases and interventions that can be potentially utilised as human support. Her passion is making the breadth of psychological knowledge available in relation to human decision-making more accessible to the cybersecurity community and investigating ways to successfully apply it.