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Are you using meaningful metrics to manage human cyber risk?

What will you learn during our webinar?

  • Learn about how to measure success and progress in your campaigns
  • Understand the importance of Awareness, Behaviour and Culture metrics 

Dr. John Blythe, CPsychol, Head of Behavioural Science


On demand

30 min

About the webinar

About your host

Most organisations fail to measure their human cyber risk.

Some measure security training uptake. Some go a little further and measure suspicious link-clicks or report-rates. But very few can answer key security questions such as “How has our human cyber risk changed over time?” and “Which security interventions reduce most risk?”. 

To answer such questions, we in security need meaningful metrics. We need to be able to benchmark. We need to be able to see progress. We need to be able to measure success. 

And we need to assess improvements in more than just security awareness.

About your host

John is Head of Behavioural Science at CybSafe and a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. He has a PhD in psychology and over eight years’ experience in researching the connections between people and cyber security. John is passionate about helping people use technology in the most effective, safe and productive way they can.

Dr. John Blythe, CPsychol
Dr. John Blythe, CPsychol

Head of Behavioural Science

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