Hybrid working

is not an excuse

for more crap 


The workplace has changed. What can the financial services industry do to better manage compliance and human-cyber risk?


Thursday, 17th February, 4pm GMT

Virtual Event

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In 2020 the world changed. Working changed. Mental, social, physical, and situational risk factors were turned on their head.

Many in the financial services industry responded by bombarding people with more crap e-learning and phishing simulations. These tools were ineffective at managing compliance and human-cyber risk before the change! Now, they’re nothing more than a distraction.

Understanding why people behave the way they do lets you provide them with timely, effective help. Most organisations are sitting on enough data to do this quickly and effectively.

Join us Thursday 17th February as we explore how hybrid working is changing risk in the workplace. We’ll hear from three industry superstars as they discuss how security awareness professionals can use data to better understand, measure, and reduce human-cyber risk in a hybrid working environment. 

Key discussion points:

Hybrid working has introduced new cyber security risks to organisations.
E-learning, simulated phishing, and other legacy measures are less effective than they once were.
Using data to understand why people behave the way they do lets you help them when they’re most at risk.

Your host:

Oz Alashe MBE

Oz Alashe MBE

CEO, CybSafe

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