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Business email compromise: evolved

“Hey ChatGPT, I’m a CEO and I need my finance director to make a payment urgently. Write me an email!”

Business Email compromise webinar

A new generation of business email compromise (BEC) beckons.

BEC is spreading across instant messaging services, collaboration platforms, and search engine advertising. Generative AI is making attacks more convincing, and lowering entry barriers for criminals.

Distributed, remote, and hybrid workforces are a prime target. And multistage attacks are becoming the norm.

At the same time, dispersed security teams are experiencing cognitive overload because of the amount of tools and systems they have to operate and maintain.

Simulated phishing gets us so far. But it doesn’t tell us why people click, why they report, and how we need to help them so we’re able to reduce risk.

Criminals are pulling out the stops. So are we.

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What you’ll learn…


The new types of AI-enabled BEC


Tips, tricks, and pitfalls from the red team and blue team perspectives


How to plan, run, analyse, and iterate always-on simulated phishing campaigns

Who’s it for?

CISOs, CIOs, and data protection officers

CTOs, IT Directors, and IT Managers

Information security officers, managers, and analysts

Security awareness professionals

Anyone tasked with reducing BEC, phishing, and ransomware risk

Our speakers:

CybSafe logo
Joe guiddens phish webinar

Joe Giddens

Director of Content & Communication, CybSafe

Joe helps security teams understand people. Joe is a former Detective with the Metropolitan Police Cybercrime Unit, where he investigated complex fraud, money laundering, and cybercrime. He’s now the Director of Content & Communication at CybSafe.

Niamh Vianney phish webinar

Niamh Vianney



Niamh has extensive information security risk management experience stretching over 20 years, in a variety of roles across leading companies including DocuSign, Workday, and OneLogin. She is an expert at creating and leading global security and trust initiatives.

the whole logo
James linton phishing webinar

James Linton

Social Engineer, The Whole


James once phished members of the White House, and quite a lot of banks… As a former email prankster turned social engineering and phishing expert, he is passionate about helping individuals and businesses stay safer in their inboxes.By sharing practical insights on the ingredients of message based deception, and real-world examples of social engineering and phishing attacks, James aims to give fresh perspectives on how to understand the true nature of these problems.

Nandita Bery

Nandita Bery

Director of Awareness and Education, Equinix