$300 billion

per year spent on IP theft costs alone in the United States.

Industry challenges

Technology is key in almost every aspect of a business. So a cyber-attack against a tech company can have consequences across other industries.

Technology companies are targets for IP theft.

Millions invested into R&D can end up with competitors. Data theft can cause severe reputation damage.

And employees in the tech industry are often early adopters of new devices. So there’s an ever-changing landscape which leaves you open to cyber-threats.

CybSafe helps tech companies make sure that secure end user behaviour is natural. Whether at home or in the workplace.

It helps in measuring and identifying any risks in the human element of their cyber defences.

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We’ve seen exactly the kind of improvement in engagement and security behaviour that we were hoping for. CybSafe has been a game-changer for us.

Andy Gammon

IT Director, Genius Sports Group