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In the absence of a secure culture, reducing cyber risk could be impossible

To understand why it might be impossible to reduce human cyber risk without a secure culture, it’s worth considering a series of experiments from the world of behavioural science.The experiments weren’t designed to uncover security insights. Rather, they were designed to demonstrate quirks in human behaviour. Specifically, they were designed to reveal why people sometimes “cheat”.

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Phishing Training: an intelligent approach

Broadly speaking, most phishing training works in more or less the same way. An automated tool sends simulated phishing and spear phishing simulations to those within your organisation. The simulations fool some, but not others. The tests reveal precisely who has been...

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Insights from 22 cyber security experts – part 1

22 expert speakers offered actionable and practical advice on the most pressing issues facing the security industry today. For those who couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed on the first three days. You can now get immediate access to all 22 PeepSec talks by simply registering for free here.

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Cyber Security Quiz 2

Do you know why your phone needs updating? Do you know how a ‘VPN’ could help keep your personal data safe? And how much do you think it costs to buy access to a webcam? Take the quiz now and you’ll soon find out whether you’re right.

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