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Unethical information security behavior and organizational commitment

In this chapter, the author investigates the relationships between unethical behaviors from the viewpoint of information security and organizational commitment by analyzing micro data collected from a survey the author conducted in March 2012. As a result, at first, it is found that heightening the degree of Organizational Commitment (OC) does not exclusively deter all unethical behaviors, but that at least OC deters the intention to access non-work-related Websites in the workplace. In addition, it is confirmed that the effects of OC toward the intention of the non-work-related Website access in the workplace according to the organizational attributes are different. In the organizations whose non-work-related Website access in the workplace is prohibited as a rule, heightening the degree of OC is able to reduce the respondents who access non-work-related Websites in their workplace. It is found that based on TPB and TRA, the attitude and risk assessment toward the intention of unethical behaviors have an influence on the behaviors.

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