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| 10/11/2017

Understanding susceptibility to phishing emails: Assessing the impact of individual differences and culture

Agata McCormac | Dragana Calic | Kathryn Parsons | Malcolm Pattinson | Marcus Butavicius | Meredith Lillie

This study looked into how individual differences and national culture impacted participants’ responses to phishing and spear-phishing emails. The study found a national culture that promoted the needs of the individual (rather than the needs of society) increased the likelihood of phishing and spear-phishing emails being accurately identified. The same study found impulsiveness decreased the chances of phishing emails being identified but the same was not true of spear-phishing emails. Finally, the study found individual differences had an effect on user’s ability to spot malicious emails.


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Authors: Marcus Butavicius, Kathryn Parsons, Malcolm Pattinson, Agata McCormac, Dragana Calic, Meredith Lillie

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