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The effects of the property of access possibilities and cyber security awareness on social media application

Cybersecurity became the third war in the world as it affects the privacy, security, availability, and access possibilities of user’s data. Lately, the statistics shows that the users prefer social media application to share their data and updates. Many users believe that only their followers can see their updates while the permissions of access possibilities terms and conditions provided some authority to access the data. To highlight this issue we did a survey in users awareness of accepting access possibility to their data and analyse the risks of allowing/accepting the access possibility of users’ data in social media applications. In this paper we propose a Reconnaissance Penetration Testing Methodology (RPTM) that aims to study the process of reconnaissance and information gathering of specific target to show the user’s data. In result and discussion we have did a statistical study to find out the level of users awareness in cybersecurity and access possibilities.

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