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| 30/11/2020

A Study On Social Engineering Attacks: Phishing Attack

Abeer F. AL-Otaibi | Emad S Alsuwat

Recently, with the development of digital technology and the spread of the social media network and made the communication of human beings between each other more easily, but with the put the personal information and private evidence and the participation of others via the Internet, it causes a great danger that this information can be exploited and collected, and from this a new concept called social engineering has spread that is the attackers or whoever wants Damage to people searches and collects personal and confidential information to penetrate and cause harm to the victim. One of the most common threats facing people is phishing through social engineering. In this paper, Survey summarizes the concept of social engineering and how the attacker seeks For that, it starts with attack, phishing, It is a mixture of social engineering and technical methods to persuade the user to disclose his sensitive and personal data, in addition to phishing classifications via social engineering. Moreover, this paper will discuss Survey Techniques to reduce this attack and try to raise the awareness of defense and raise human culture from Being caught in a phishing scam. These attacks aim to trick individuals or companies into carrying out actions that benefit the attackers or provide them with sensitive data via e-mail messages or malicious and counterfeit software that represents a real site and asks them to do so. such as credit card and passwords. Social engineering is one of the biggest challenges to network security because it takes advantage of the natural human tendency to trust. In conclusion, Recommend Some Preventive Measures and Possible Solutions to the Threats and Weaknesses of Social Engineering.

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