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Report | Research library
| 15/12/2014

Sensitizing employees’ corporate IS security risk perception

Andreas Eckhardt | Steffi Haag

Motivated by recent practical observations of employees’ unapproved sourcing of cloud services at work, this study empirically evaluates bring your own cloud (BYOC) policies and social interactions of the IT department to sensitize employees’ security risk perception. Based on social information processing theory, BYOC strategies varying in the level of restriction from the obligatory, recommended, permitted, not regulated, to the prohibited usage of cloud services in the organization as well as social information including IT department’s policies, recommendations and responsiveness, are assessed according to their influence on employees’ perceived security risk to the organization. Results of a mixed-method approach containing expert interviews and survey data of 115 computer users in SME and large-scale enterprises analyzed using Kruskal-Wallis and WarpPLS-SEM identify the organizational-wide prohibition of and IT department’s advices against the cloud service usage at the workplace as the most effective actions to guarantee the protection of the organizational IT assets.


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