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Psyber security: a new emerging topic and research area within human security – part 2

In today’s digital world, everyone interacts with technology in one way or another, which leaves all technology users vulnerable to psyber security attacks. Because of the recent emergence of the subject of psyber security, and the infantile stage of research pertaining to it, the scope of future work in this area is quite plentiful. There are different directions of possible work in this topic, and one of the most relevant is healthcare field. The importance of psyber security is indeed synonymous with the need to validate information to earn credibility, therefore reducing anxiety, stress, and other psychological disorders. In this context, consider the case for authentication-based information assurance techniques and technologies to provide assistance to safeguard the users’ mental health by enabling them to understand and better identify psyber security threats. This process includes discerning between trustworthy and untrustworthy OHI websites.

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