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The world’s first globally accessible archive of research into the human aspect of cyber security and behavioural science as applied to cyber security awareness and online behavioural change.

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MINDSPACE: Influencing behaviour through public policy

In an effort to aid policy makers seeking to change behaviour, a team of researchers summarise nine non-coercive influencers of human behaviour: the messanger (who a message comes from); incentives (such as loss avoidance); norms (what other people already do);...

Spyware: What influences college students to use anti-spyware tools?

The purpose of this paper is to better understand what factors influence college students to run anti-spyware tools, with the hopes of finding ways to better inform future students about the spyware epidemic and ways to combat spyware. In order to determine what...

Switch: How to change things when change is hard

According to this book's authors, we need only understand how our minds work to unlock shortcuts that can lead to long term behavour change. This book explores how our minds work and some shortcuts tha might be of use when seeking to change human behaviour.  

Impact of negative message framing on security adoption

This article examines the impact of negative message framing on security technology adoption. Based on previous studies, it was hypothesized that negatively-framed messages would have a greater effect on the adoption of security technologies which detect system abuse...