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Toward a typology of internet users and online privacy concerns

Traditional typologies of consumer privacy concern suggest that consumers fall into three distinct groups: One-fourth of consumers are not concerned about privacy, one-fourth are highly concerned, and half are pragmatic, in that their concerns about privacy depend on...

How to change management and user resistance to password security

A study of 425 people suggested perceived severity of security threats has no significant influence on security attitudes, and that more technically literate users resist manditory security implementations moreso than less technically literate users.  

The evolution and psychology of self-deception

This paper's authors argue self-deception is an evolved trait with the evolutionary advantage of helping deceive others without severe cognitive strain. They suggest self-decpetion – which should in theory be paradoxical – is actually achieved through dissociations of...

Under-reporting of errors: An information technology perspective

We congratulate Ernesa¨ter et al. on their study of incident reporting in nurse-led telephone triage in Sweden. The reporting of errors is crucial to the process of error management. If adverse incidents are to be minimised, organisations must learn from their...