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The world’s first globally accessible archive of research into the human aspect of cyber security and behavioural science as applied to cyber security awareness and online behavioural change.

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Investigation of attitudes towards security behaviours

This study researched how a user’s knowledge affects their engagement in security behaviors. Security behaviors were operationalized into two categories: cyber hygiene and threat response behaviors. A sample of 194 San José State University students were recruited to...

Deep thought: A cybersecurity story

ideas42 aims to help solve difficult social problems using insights from behavioural science. In this instance, the problem in question is the human aspect of cyber security. The paper applies psychology and behavioural science principles to common cyber security...

Embedding security behaviours: Using the 5Es

This framework is designed to help embed and sustain security behaviours in employees. The framework is condensed into 5Es (Educate, Enable, Environment, Encourage, Evaluate) and explains how to implement these using examples and tactical interventions.