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The world’s first globally accessible archive of research into the human aspect of cyber security and behavioural science as applied to cyber security awareness and online behavioural change.

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WFE staff behavior and culture best practice guidelines

A set of best practice guidelines published by the WFE designed to encourage a culture of cyber security compliance, including ideas on behavioural incentives, cultural incentives and operational support.  

The role of psychology in understanding online trust

Across many online contexts, internet users are required to make judgments of trustworthiness in the systems or other users that they are connecting with. But how can a user know that the interactions they engage in are legitimate? In cases where trust is manipulated,...

Gender and IoT

How will IoT impact on gender-based domestic violence and abuse and what socio-technical measures will need to be implemented in order to mitigate against those risks?

Correlating human traits and cyber security behavior intentions

In this paper, we correlate human characteristics with cyber security behavior intentions. While previous papers have identified correlations between certain human traits and specific cyber security behavior intentions, we present a comprehensive study that examines...