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The world’s first globally accessible archive of research into the human aspect of cyber security and behavioural science as applied to cyber security awareness and online behavioural change.

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Social engineering: The human element of cyber security

Social engineering is a method that has been used by criminals and scammers for centuries in order to manipulate people in order to manipulate people into performing a particular action or into giving up sensitive or confidential information. Today, social engineering...

Personality as a predictor of cyber security behavior

Personality may better predict cybersecurity behavior relative to an individual’s stated intentions; however, people often behave in ways that are discordant with what they intend. Assuming most people have the intention of complying with safe practices, it is still...

Cognitive processing of phishing emails

Phishing, the process of tricking people using emails and imitation of websites, has been studied from different points of views (computer sciences, engineering, economy, security and sociology) while the matter largely involves social cognition. This scoping review...