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Journal article | Research library
| 01/03/2022

Exploring how, why and in what contexts older adults are at risk of financial cybercrime victimisation: A realist review

Alexandra Burton | Claudia Cooper | Ayesha Dar | Lucy Mathews | Kartikeya Tripathi

Despite infrequent reports from older individuals regarding their experiences as victims of financial cybercrime, there exists compelling evidence indicating that older online users face an elevated risk. This realist review was conducted to identify the factors contributing to the victimization of older adults and to evaluate the theory and supporting evidence for interventions aimed at reducing these risks. The study commenced by formulating an initial program theory based on a comprehensive scoping review and consultations with expert stakeholders. Subsequently, electronic databases, references, and websites were thoroughly searched to identify literature that met the inclusion criteria. A meticulous analysis was conducted on a total of 52 primary and secondary data sources. Stakeholder input was sought to aid in refining the program theory and generating Context-Mechanism-Outcome Configurations (CMOCs) that elucidate how, why, and under what circumstances older adults become victims of financial cybercrime. This comprehensive analysis serves as a foundation for considering rational intervention strategies in this domain.

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