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Journal article | Research library
| 23/05/2022

Developing metrics to assess the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness program

Sunil Chaudhary | Vasileios Gkioulos | Sokratis Katsikas

Cybersecurity awareness (CSA) is not just about knowing, but also transforming things learned into practice. It is a continuous process that needs to be adjusted in subsequent iterations to improve its usability as well as sustainability. This is possible only if a CSA program is reviewed and evaluated timely. Review and evaluation of an awareness program offer an insight into the program’s effectiveness on the audience and organization, an invaluable piece of information for the continuous improvement of the program. Further, it provides the information required by the management and sponsor to decide on whether to invest in the program or not. Despite these advantages, there does not exist a common understanding of what factors to measure and how to measure them uring the evaluation process. As a result, we have proposed evaluation metrics for the purpose. In order to do so, we performed a literature review of 32 papers mainly to extract the following data: (i) what factors did the paper measure, and (ii) how did it measure the factors? Next, we adapted the European Literacy Policy Network’s four indicators (i.e. impact, sustainability, accessibility, and monitoring) for awareness evaluation to make it appropriate for evaluating a CSA program. We believe that measuring all four indicators will contribute to making the evaluation process systematic, complete, and replicable. More importantly, it will help to produce more inclusive, accurate, and usable results for the future enhancement of the program.

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